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XML Design Patterns
Links to pages dealing specifically with XML Design Patterns.

Design Patterns in XML Music Representation
An excellent paper discussing how XML Design Patterns (many taken from this site) can be useful in creating an XML DTD.

Design Patterns in XML Applications: Part 1
Fabio Arciniegas' article on using object oriented design patterns in processing XML documents. Discusses four patterns: Command, Flyweight, Wrapper, and Iterator.

Design Patterns in XML Applications: Part 2
Fabio Arciniegas' article on XML structural patterns. Includes six patterns.

Introduction to XML Design patterns
Ian Graham and Liam Quin's site which contains 4 patterns, Running Text, Generated Text, Footnote, and Text Blocks.

Architectural Design Patterns for XML Documents
Kyle Downey's article attempts to document a few whole-document design patterns.

XML Acceptor Design Pattern
A XML processing design pattern.

XML Design Patterns Article (PDF)
A paper describing four XML processing design pattern.

Structural Patterns in XML
An article on XML.com describing three structural patterns for XML Schema: Composite, Abstract Model, and Peer Specialization.

Other Patterns
Links to pages about patterns in area other than XML.

TheServerSide.com's Pattern Collection
A pattern repository focusing on patterns that can be used with Java middleware technologies. They are inviting site visitors to contribute patterns.

Hypermedia Design Patterns Repository
A pattern repository for patterns to be used in hypermedia design. The patterns are categorized into Interface/Layout, Structure/Navigation and Content Oriented Patterns.

Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology
Brad Appleton's excellent page about patterns in the field of object-oriented software.

XML Design
Links to pages about XML structural design issues.

Serializing Graphs of Data in XML
A discussion of representing graph structure such as RDBMS tables in XML.

Elements vs. Attributes
Robin Cover's page covering the element vs. attributes debate. When should you use an element? When should you use an attribute? Check this page for some good references.

Schema Repositories
Links to pages that contain repositories of XML Schemas. Great place to look for schemas to reuse, or to get ideas from.

The XML Catalog
Oasis' catalog of XML specifications.

Robin Cover's Listing of XML Applications
A comprehensive listing of XML applications and announced industry initiatives.

A catalog of many different schemas from a variety of categories.